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In Every Season

I see Jesus in the summer In the waves crashing on the blazing beach In the strength of raging forest fires In the sweet taste of summer harvest fruit

A New Season is Coming. Don’t get excited.

In the height of harvest and the joys of summer a prophet tells you that a new season is coming. Excitement mounts as everyone thinks of more summer sunshine and harvest profits rolling it. No one remembers

Sunday Morning Funeral

  To my utter horror and dismay this day has come. I am left. Alone. Cold. In the dark. To grieve. In silence. Mourning what was and what might have been. Farewell. Sorrow. The end of a season…

He Takes My Shoes Back to the Store?

   “He restores my soul” Psalm 23 v 3a  It sort of sounds like Jesus, our Good Shepherd, is taking our shoes to back to the shops. He “re – stores” my “sole” – get it?  I thought I’d been really smart last winter. I picked up a pair of ankle boots at the end [...]

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