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Not So Good Friday

Courtesy:  The Thursday before Easter had been the longest day ever and it still wasn’t over. Trying to get everything done at work before the Easter break had been hectic. No one was listening to him, even though he’s the boss, and those that did listen totally misunderstood. His team mates had totally let him down [...]

Building Bridges with Cake

Early in my career I had just started a new job. The team I was in was also new. It had been created a mere two weeks before I started in response to a new contract that created a whole new branch of the business. I was team member number two. Within days of my start [...]

Share Your Advice on New Relationships

I went to another Bridal Shower today. After a veritable drought over the last few years, my next batch of friends are getting married and so Bridal Showers, Hen’s Nights and Kitchen’s Teas regularly fill spots in my weekend calendar. Once again I was asked to offer the Bride some advise and fortunately I’ve gathered a bit [...]

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