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Then We Worship

1 week. 2 saints. 2 diseases. 2 sets of doctors sadly shaking their heads hopelessly. 2 lots of prayer requests filling Facebook. 2 groups of fervent prayers. 1 opening of heaven’s doors.

Excuse me, I was talking..?

5-year-old: “Knock, knock.” Dad: “Who’s there?” 5-year-old: “Interrupting cow.”

Thankful for Falling Balls

Overwhelmed I duck. A thousand balls are falling towards me! Hands outstretched, weaving and ducking, trying to catch them! I fear them falling on my head!

The Waiting Room

Have you ever felt like you are marking time? Treading water? On hold? Sitting in a waiting room for someone to call your number out so your “real life” to begin? 

Half Learnt Lesson

Have your ever missed half a lesson? Maybe you arrived to class late or had to leave early? Did you find it confusing? Did it lead to misunderstandings and assumptions? Did you only decorate half the cake?

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