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The Life I Could Have Had

It must be human nature. The vast number of movies and books attest to the “life I could have had” question that haunts or tantalises so many. A split second decision, a settling for less, a giving in, a leap of faith, sliding doors, choices made, promises broken, stolen control, near misses, the ultimate choose your own adventure.

Accidental Life

Screaming: “You’re just an accident! I should never have had you! I should have gone ahead with the abortion! You should thank me that you’re alive!!!”

Renovation Rescue

I love my walking in my neighbourhood. I like looking at all the homes. Every street has its own salute to styles from a variety of decades. A fifties brown brick bungalow shares a fence with a house finished just weeks ago. Across the road is a renovated miners cottage that was originally a small [...]

My Eulogy

A eulogy is a five to ten minute summary of a person’s life spoken at their funeral. It may be given by a minister, funeral facilitator, friend or family member. The length of life does not dictate the length of the summary. A life of 100 years or 100 minutes, both are summarised into a [...]

What do Cars and Character have in Common?

Have you noticed that there are Car People and then there are Car People?   Car People have their fancy car and they wash it religiously each weekend, taking every opportunity to stand proudly by it and makes sure everyone sees it. But these Car People don’t know much more about the insides of their cars than the specs the salesman sprouted to [...]

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