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Butterfly Confetti

Someone I don’t know has brought cheer to my day, this day, and for many days past. All I know about this person is that she is 30 and she had a birthday.

God’s Kindest Act

What do think is the kindest act of God in the Bible, outside of the Salvation story? Yes – kind. Not loving, not creative, not just, not gracious. Just plain kind. Have a think… got it? Now read on.

Ripple Your World

 When I say “ripples in the lake” what do you visualise? A young lad standing by the lake throwing stones in? Probably. That’s what most people would see. But not me. Not after today.

Save the Shoes!

I found this yesterday and was so inspired I thought I’d share it with you. Enjoy Go on Save the Shoes today!

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