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Do You Trust Me?

 We all fear something in our lives. For some it’s the small things like cockroaches and spiders. For others it’s far bigger like flying or death or failure. Most of us fear change to some degree or other. But the most common and often most debilitating fear is

Does Your Courage Leak?

I’ve come to the conclusion that either courage leaks or that it’s like a muscle. You can build your courage until

Splinter In, Splinter Out

  Who in their right mind would leave a splinter, a speck, less than half a centimetre in length in their thumb for four days? Four days of pain and annoyance as this tiny dot made its presence felt continually while everyday living tried to happen. Who would be so stupid?

Don’t Fear Rest

Rest and relaxation can be a scary thing. What? I’ll say it again. Rest and relaxation can be a scary thing. The crazy thing I’ve noticed is that those who are in most desperate need of rest are those who fear it most.

My Greatest Fear is….

Spiders, heights, snakes, enclosed spaces, birds, outside, clowns, commitment, bugs, dentists, sharks, public speaking, flying. Ask people what their greatest fear is and most of them will say one of these things or something very similar. And they would be wrong. Oh sure, they may be afraid of these things but they aren’t necessarily their greatest fear. These things [...]

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