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Called to Singleness

 God has called each of us to a special task. For some it is a calling to be single for life. Not many people are called to singleness but

Thankful for Falling Balls

Overwhelmed I duck. A thousand balls are falling towards me! Hands outstretched, weaving and ducking, trying to catch them! I fear them falling on my head!

He’s Just That into You!

 Did you see the movie “He’s Just Not That Into You”? It’s about how girls lie to each other, from the sandpit to forever, explaining mean behave from boys as “oh he only pulled your hair / didn’t phone / mistreated you because he really likes you”. Then when,

What Gift Should I Give?

 I’ve read a few blogs recently that question all the stuff, the things, the clutter that we acquire through the receiving of gifts. Posts that suggest non-tangible gifts for children’s birthday parties. Posts that question mountains of presents at baby showers

The Waiting Room

Have you ever felt like you are marking time? Treading water? On hold? Sitting in a waiting room for someone to call your number out so your “real life” to begin? 

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