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Then We Worship

1 week. 2 saints. 2 diseases. 2 sets of doctors sadly shaking their heads hopelessly. 2 lots of prayer requests filling Facebook. 2 groups of fervent prayers. 1 opening of heaven’s doors.

Excuse me, I was talking..?

5-year-old: “Knock, knock.” Dad: “Who’s there?” 5-year-old: “Interrupting cow.”

Keep on!

I found this short clip by Angus Buchan very

In Every Season

I see Jesus in the summer In the waves crashing on the blazing beach In the strength of raging forest fires In the sweet taste of summer harvest fruit

Thankful for Falling Balls

Overwhelmed I duck. A thousand balls are falling towards me! Hands outstretched, weaving and ducking, trying to catch them! I fear them falling on my head!

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