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Then We Worship



1 week. 2 saints. 2 diseases. 2 sets of doctors sadly shaking their heads hopelessly. 2 lots of prayer requests filling Facebook. 2 groups of fervent prayers. 1 opening of heaven’s doors.

Paul, fifty something, man’s man, abseiling, survival camping, teen mentor, Godly husband and father, firmly believing God would grant him many more years, live’s adventures lurched to a halt by cancer.
My Nana, eight-five, widow, frail, wrinkly, little old lady, deaf, Godly prayer warrior, fully trusting in Christ’s ability to heal, scarred lungs, fighting pneumonia again.
Many people, around the globe, send many, many prayers to heaven for both of these saints of God. Their earthly impact still rippling around the globe.
Yet when the doctors shake their heads and get that look, you know there’s not much the medical profession can do any more. All that remains is more fervent, anxious praying.
On Friday God chose to bring some unexpected healing to one and to take the other child of His home to heaven. And while my Nana is still very frail and may yet be due to leave this live in the near days, some wonder why God chose Paul to come home so soon.

Do You Trust Me?


 We all fear something in our lives. For some it’s the small things like cockroaches and spiders. For others it’s far bigger like flying or death or failure. Most of us fear change to some degree or other. But the most common and often most debilitating fear is

Trust is simply putting your faith into someone else. It’s believing that they are who they say they are and will do what they have promised. Trust is faith.

Faith is the opposite of fear. You can’t have faith and fear at the same time. You either believe you are going to win or you don’t. You are either afraid to fly or you trust the pilot. You can’t have it both ways.

365 times in the Bible God says “Don’t be afraid.” That’s once for every day of the year that our loving Heavenly Father says “Trust me.”

I’ve always been fascinated by the fact that Jesus never told His disciples off for being unsuccessful or not rich or unpopular or not important enough. No, if you read the gospels you will notice that Jesus told His disciples off for their lack of faith, their lack of trust in Him. He expected them to trust Him. Not themselves, not their circumstances, not the things they could see, just Him.

Jesus is asking the same thing of you today. Do you trust Jesus? Do you trust Him enough to take that step of faith, that step of obedience and do what He is asking of you? Yes I know that obeying this request is hard and scary and the unknown seems so big and uncertain, but He knows what He’s doing, He knows where you’re going and He will be with you all the way. If you trust Him you will obey.



5-year-old: “Knock, knock.”

Dad: “Who’s there?”

5-year-old: “Interrupting cow.”

This joke is more likely to make you groan than laugh but kids think it’s the funniest thing ever. Yet it has a serious side. I’m sure, you like me, have been interrupted mid sentence by someone else. If you’re like me you’ve probably also caught yourself doing it to others too. And, you’ve probably inwardly rolled your eyes when someone has interrupted you to complain about interrupting people.

Or maybe you’ve been in conversations where there are no interruptions as everyone talks at once and no one listens to a word that is being said. My sister-in-law’s extended family “communicates” like that. Imagine Christmas dinner with all the family around one table, aunties, grandparents, cousins, all talking at once, getting louder and louder because no one is listening to anyone else. It makes me exhausted just picturing it!

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